The Basics of Bail In Davidson County

Bail is a concept that many people know about, but are pretty unfamiliar with. Everyone has seen some TV show or movie character post bail at least once in their life. However, bail isn’t always portrayed accurately on the silver screen. This gives most people misconceptions on what to expect when they find themselves needing to bail a friend or family member out of jail.

For those who may not know, bail is the amount of money that a court requires to be paid for a person to be released from jail while they await their trial. The amount of the bail varies from case to case and is largely dependent on the crime that the person has been accused of. Once this amount has been paid, the person will be released from custody and is expected to show up for their court case.

The biggest problem that people have with bail is the cost. Even the cheapest bail amounts are several thousand dollars. Most people don’t have that kind of money to spare. This is where bail bonds come in to play. Here in Tennessee, bail bonds only cost 10% of the bail that they are for. If someone’s bail is set at $20,000, then their bail bond will only cost $2,000.

When you choose to use a bail bonds service you avoid paying the full bail amount. Instead you pay a small fee to have someone else to pay the full bail amount for them. Aside from being cheaper than posting the bail on your own, when you come to Pride Bail Bonds Davidson County, you get the guidance of a professional bail agent.

Some of the other services that we provide for our clients here at Pride Bail Bonds  include:

Once a person is out on bail, they get to go back to living their normal life. They can go to work and visit with friends and family members while still going to court for their trial. Getting bailed out of jail can make the whole trial easier for people. It gets even easier when you come to Pride Bail Bonds Davidson County for bail help.

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